The Potential in Everything

January 24 – April 5, 2014

Opening Reception Friday January 24, 6 – 8 pm

Exhibit Programs

The Carnegie Center is pleased to present the exhibit The Potential in Everything, on display January 24 through April 5, 2014. The Potential in Everything features the artworks of Albertus Gorman and R. Michael Wimmer, two artists for whom collecting objects and art making go hand-in-hand. Carnegie Center curator Karen Gillenwater writes, "For both of these artists, collecting was a family tradition. The men in Gorman’s family all built collections of different sorts and he was drawn to the ‘aura of objects,’ as he says. Likewise, as a child, Wimmer spent time with his grandmother, who lived in Goshen, Indiana. She was an avid yard sale shopper and it was on these yard sale trips that he discovered and began collecting antiques." Gillenwater continues, "Both artists combine and manipulate the objects they have collected in order to create meaning. Their art practices and resulting artworks take different forms, but share much in common, including a sense of fantasy and humor, along with an eerie quality."

More Than Skin Deep

For the past ten years, Albertus Gorman has concentrated his art activities on the geographic area of the Falls of the Ohio State Park, making his artworks out of only materials that he finds along the Ohio River in that location. His lone tools are a Swiss Army knife and a camera that he uses to document his creations. Read about his explorations at the Falls of the Ohio and what he creates with the items he finds on his blog: Albertus Gorman is the Director of Studio Arts for Zoom Group and leads StudioWorks, a gallery and studio for adult artists with developmental disabilities. An advocate for the value of art, Gorman has also served on the Mayor of Louisville’s Advisory Committee for Art in Public Places and was also Curator at the Louisville Visual Art Association for nearly ten years.

R. Michael Wimmer begins each artwork he creates by gathering piles of objects that he pulls out of his collection – collecting from within his own collection to see what objects are visually interesting together. He then works from the piles to select the final objects that will make up each sculpture. He has been a professional artist for almost twenty years, and until recently most of this time was spent doing art shows and being represented by galleries throughout the United States. Wimmer was born and raised in South Florida. After moving to New Albany, Indiana in January 2012 and opening WE Studio downtown, two of his sculpture proposals were selected to be part of the New Albany Public Art Project: Bicentennial Series. Learn about Wimmer’s studio & gallery, WE Studio, at:

Time Traveler with the Oracle 2012
The Time Traveler with the Oracle of the Sands of Time, 2012
Albertus Gorman
Mixed found media
19 ½" x 23 ¼" x 7 ½"

Audubons Habitat 2013
Audubon's Habitat, 2013 (detail)
R. Michael Wimmer
Mixed media
40" x 24" x 3"
Guardian and Protector 2013
Guardian and Protector, 2013 (detail)
R. Michael Wimmer
Mixed media
66" x 64" x 28"

More Than Skin Deep 2013
More Than Skin Deep, 2013 (detail)
R. Michael Wimmer
Mixed media
39" x 32" x 23"
Why Are You Afraid of Me 2013
Why Are You Afraid of Me?, 2013 (detail)
R. Michael Wimmer
Mixed media
44" x 24" x 8"