New Albany Public Art Project:
Today & Tomorrow Series

From 2010 - 2013, the New Albany Public Art Project: Bicentennial Series presented temporary, community-specific public art installations in downtown New Albany. The artworks included a wide range of artistic approaches and media and gave residents and visitors alike the opportunity to experience new forms of public art. The artists successfully created unique, personal interpretations of historic themes that explored the full 200 years of our city, from its settlement in 1813 through cultural and social highlights, industrial innovations and natural disasters, to the ongoing revitalization of our downtown. They gave our community, as one visitor put it, "a fun and unique way, via the artwork, to continue learning about New Albany's history."

As the bicentennial year ended, our attention at the Carnegie Center shifted to New Albany today and we simultaneously began planning for a way to continue the success of the "Bicentennial Series." In 2015 we are launching our second public art series in downtown New Albany titled the "Today & Tomorrow Series." With input from the public, we have selected several important themes that impact our city today that we will ask artists to interpret through public art installations. These themes-sustainability, education & literacy, the arts & design, diversity & human rights, and social change-have the potential to have a significant impact on our community in the future. We plan to partner with other community organizations to present information and programs that will give the public the opportunity to learn about these themes and that we hope will encourage community conversations about how we can respond to these themes to make New Albany a better place in the future. We are happy to be partnering with Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest ( to present the theme of sustainability in 2015.

2013 NAPAP

One of the highest compliments we have received is the frequency with which community members tell us how much they miss an artwork that has been deinstalled. We look forward to filling that void by sharing new public artworks with our community and visitors to New Albany in the coming years.

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Home and Community Life

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