Family Fun

The Family Fun Workshops are held the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10 am-12 pm. The workshop is free, and registration is appreciated. You can call (812) 944-7336 to register or send an email to the address below. It is a drop-in workshop, so people come and go from 10am until about 12pm. We do ask everyone to arrive no later than 11:30am. The workshop is limited to 60 children, on a first-come, first-served basis. Projects generally relate to an upcoming holiday or an exhibit on display at the Carnegie Center. Suggested ages are 2-12, and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

2015 Family Fun Workshop Schedule

Put these dates in your calendar so you don't miss any of the workshops!

January 10
Paper Bag Puppets

February 14
Unity Handprint Wreaths

March 14
Egg Carton Mini 'Copters
Little toy helicopters, made from pieces of an egg carton

April 11
Upcycled Derby Hats
*Bring old newspapers and clean plastic shopping bags (the more colorful the bags, the better)

May 9
"Sew Simple" Picture Frame
*Bring in a mesh fruit bag and a cereal box

June 13
Sunny Day Sunprints
Use the power of the sun to make a print of found objects
*Bring any small toys, flowers, sticks, or leaves that you like the shape of

July 11
A Heart That's All Tied Up
A drawing of your favorite thing made with pins and string

August 8
YOU, as a Robot!
A silly 3-D self-portrait, with a robotic twist
*Bring an empty, clean can and any spare bits of hardware that you have (screws, nails, nuts, bolts, etc.)

September 12
Stamped Clay Bowls
A really sleek little decorative bowl for small treasures

October 10
Mini Pumpkin Painting at the Harvest Homecoming Kids' Tent, 12-3 pm
*Located at the end of Pearl St. over the flood wall

November 14
Photos for Fingers
Pictures recreated for exploration by touch
*Bring a photograph of a scene

December 12
Finger-knit Scarf
A charming scarf/belt that requires no needles-just fingers, big or small
*Bring yarn, if you want to; we will also have a selection of yarn

If you would like to receive reminders for our Family Fun Workshops and information about any other upcoming educational programs for young people at the Carnegie Center, please send an email to Al Gorman at