Family Fun

The Family Fun Workshops are held the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10 am-12 pm. The workshop is free, and registration is appreciated. You can call (812) 944-7336 to register or send an email to the address below. It is a drop-in workshop, so people come and go from 10am until about 12pm. We do ask everyone to arrive no later than 11:30am. The workshop is limited to 60 children, on a first-come, first-served basis. Projects generally relate to an upcoming holiday or an exhibit on display at the Carnegie Center. Suggested ages are 2-12, and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

2016 Family Fun Workshop Schedule

Put these dates in your calendar so you don't miss any of the workshops!

January 9
"Rags & Tags" (Pet ID tags)
Shrinky-dink pet ID tags - or a luggage tag, or a necklace!

February 13
Wacky Wooden Wall Sculpture
Abstract art made by attaching a variety of beads and hardware to wood panels

March 12
A Cardboard Challenge
Build something awesome with cardboard, recycled materials, and your imagination!

April 9
When I Grow Up "Kidsness Cards"
Business cards made by kids for pretend or projected professions

May 14
Confetti Crayon Art
Crayon shavings used to draw/color by sprinkling on top of glue

June 11
Lo-mess Tie Dye
Drip fabric paint/dye onto wet fabric to make watercolor-style "tie dye"

July 9
Me in a Scene
After we take a photo of your child and print it out, insert it into a pretend scene created using 3-D materials

August 13
Printmaking with Fruits, Roots, & Shoots
Stamping using fruits and other foods with interesting internal patterns

September 10
Marvelous Mobiles
Mobiles made with cardstock, coloring tools, string, and bamboo skewers

October 8
Mini Pumpkin Painting at the Harvest Homecoming Kids' Tent, 12-3 pm
*Located at the end of Pearl St. over the flood wall

November 12
Hands-on Band Creation
Play with sample instruments made from everyday materials, and then make your own instrument! (Examples: hillbilly bass, jugs, rain sticks, rattle-drums, castanets, jar xylophones, thumb pianos, etc.)

December 10
Inside-out Magazine Tree
A magazine cut into a tree shape then folded open and around

If you would like to receive reminders for our Family Fun Workshops and information about any other upcoming educational programs for young people at the Carnegie Center, please send an email to Al Gorman at