Held from Beneath: An Exploration of Cultural Sustainability
"Held from Beneath" includes an exhibition and events featuring visual art, poetry, music and performance that explore the concept of cultural sustainability. The exhibit features: Andy Perez, Camera Lucida (Roxell Karr & Jon Silpayamanant), Cynthia Norton/Ninnie Noises, David Iacovazzi-Pau, Erin Keane, Joyce Ogden, Rowland Ricketts, Russel Hulsey, Sara Soltau, Shelley Vaughn Hulsey, Shohei Katayama and Susanna Crum. This exhibition will be on display through April 4, 2015.

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  • Open Tuesday-Saturday 10 AM-5:30 PM
  • Gallery Talk with the Artists
    Wed. Feb. 11, 6-7 PM
  • Family Fun Workshop: Unity Handprint Wreaths
    Sat. Feb. 14, 10 AM-12 PM
  • Gallery Talk with the Artists
    Sat. March 7, 11 AM-12 PM
  • A Talk on Cultural Sustainability with Dr. Rory Turner
    Thurs. March 19, 7-8 PM
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