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Shrinky-dink with Everyday Objects

Did you know that most kinds of thin plastic can act just like “Shrinky Dinks” (able to shrink down to about ⅔ their original size when heated)? This month we will re-purpose disposable plastic (from water bottles, take-out cups and containers), and create cool shrinky dink charms. Join us on July 14 for this fun and easy project that will make you want to do the Shrinky Dink Dance!

To register, call 812.944.7336 or email Delesha Thomas at


  • Clear, translucent, or white plastic disposable things: water bottles, takeout containers, plastic cups, styrofoam containers, lids, etc
  • Sharpies of all colors
  • Hole punch
  • Beading things: beads, plastic thread and lanyard
  • Key rings
  • Jump rings
  • Toaster oven


  1. Choose your plastic piece of pre-cut plastic [You could trim it into a different shape – heart, star, etc.]. Remember, it will shrink down after it comes out of the oven!
  2. Punch a hole somewhere near the edge of your object. That way, you will be able to string it once it is ready.
  3. Use sharpies of all colors to decorate your piece. Cover the whole thing with color! Draw a cool picture, make a design, whatever your heart desires!
  4. When you are satisfied with your design, you may cut it into a cool shape if you want, or leave it as it is!
  5. With the help of an adult, put it in the toaster oven and wait for it to shrink up! You can do the Shrinky Dink Dance while you wait for your “shrinkys” to “dink!”
  6. Once shrunken and cooled, you may add it to a necklace, turn it into a cool keychain, or string it on a charm bracelet.
  7. Enjoy your creation!